Whose hands are your confidential email attachments in

Multi_hands_webWhose hands are your confidential email attachments in?

According to the American Bar Association in 2012, 90% of IT respondents confirm they had a breach of data security. In the same study 71% of respondents said that their organization likely or very likely had experienced a theft or loss of email attachments. Those numbers would only be higher now that hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and prevalent.

At your own firm how do you share confidential files with clients? By email? Thumb drive? On Dropbox, Drive or some other file sharing platform?

None, according to experts can give you peace of mind.

Even handing files off to clients face to face is safe.

Why?             Because once your confidential documents, images and files are in anyone’s hands but yours you’ve lost control of them. They can be shared, duplicated, changed and even destroyed without your knowledge or consent.

Example: Email attachments: The files you attach to an email are at risk during transmission but the risk doesn’t end when they land safely in the inbox of your client. Those files can now be downloaded, printed and shared. Your confidential documents can fall into the hands of people who are definitely on the “no fly” list when it comes to having access to your information.

Drive, Dropbox, the personal hand-off of files and thumbdrives are no better. Once you share your files they are out of your control. You have no way to pull them back in or revoke access.

Until now.                   Now there is a way to share your files and keep 100% control of them. You can email your files and set parameters that give the receiver full access or tightly controlled access that can be revoked, denied or transferred at any time you choose. Even screenshots are limited.

We can’t wait to tell you all about it April 1st, 2016.
Stay tuned.


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