Your data. Now appearing on your competitor’s bulletin..

Bus_stopControldoxYour data.  Now appearing on your competitor’s bulletin board or a public bus stop near you.

Many companies aren’t clear on what data is confidential. Worse, many believe there is no sensitive information in their organization.

In a lecture on ”Intellectual Property Protection” a participant suggested that his company’s data would be “Uninteresting for data thieves, including our design templates which, if received by competitors, would lead to only minor damage.”

The lecturer replied: “If I understand you correctly, you’d be fine with your organization’s data publicly posted at any bus stop or bulletin board?”

Three weeks later, the lecturer’s phone rang. The participant, after pondering the idea of their data being shared with the general public wanted to talk. They were now keenly aware that indeed, they did have data they did not want shared with anyone but authorized personnel.

They, like many companies, have data including price calculations, board meetings, planned product innovations, offer documents, visit reports, contracts and identity documents that are currently unprotected. Imagining those documents freely shared with their competitors and the public prompted them to evaluate their document security and make changes rapidly.

What data and documents do you have that you want to closely guard and control? What would you never want shared on a public bulletin board?

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