Solutions Consulting Companies

Solutions Consulting companies understand the need to augment their offerings in providing all encompassing IT solutions. Adding Information rights management (IRM) solutions enhances their portfolio and increases their standing in becoming a wholesome Solutions Consulting Organization.

IRM Secure assists Solutions Consulting companies to provide enterprise-wide document rights management solution. IRM Secure’s solutions, with its rich set of APIs and flexible architecture enable integration with existing enterprise systems and other content management and security solutions. This helps in extending the investments already made by customers while at the same time, enhancing the information security provided to the enterprise.

If you are a Solutions Consulting Company that distributes enterprise security software products or provides value added services for implementation and consulting on various enterprise security requirements, then IRM Secure's partnership program is apt for you.

Benefits of enrolling with IRM Secure’s Partnership Program

  • Provide state-of-the-art and unique enterprise information rights management product across domains and industries
  • Develop unique solutions by integrations between complementing products to enhance the overall solution capability
  • Develop ongoing sales within your accounts, resulting in additional product revenues
  • Multiple pricing models to suit different budgetary requirements of the customer
  • Initial and ongoing support from the IRM Secure professional services organization (PSO)
  • Access to IRM Secure's development team for problem solving and training
  • Marketing and pre-sales support.

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