Newgen OmniDocs and IRM SECURE FileSecure

Newgen OmniDocs guarantees information security only when the document is within Newgen OmniDocs, however it does not protect the information once it leaves the system. Once it is downloaded, OmniDocs is not responsible for tracking the distribution and usage of such documents. This is for companies looking to protect documents even when they are outside of Newgen OmniDocs.

IRM SECURE’s FileSecure with Newgen OmniDocs protects the information and restricts usage to only specific users or groups, specific actions such as view, print, edit, copy, download, forward etc., and specific times of usage. It also restrict the usage to specific computers and network IP addresses thus providing an additional layer of control when providing access to systems outside of the company.

IRM SECURE FileSecure’s system provides a complete record of the information usage, tracking distribution attempts or changes, whether authourized or unauthourized. This helps companies to adhere to regulatory and compliance frameworks like ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, PCI, etc.

IRM SECUREFileSecure and NewGenOmniDocs

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OmniDocs + IRM SECURE FileSecure
Access Control
Provides full control while the information is within the OmniDocs system

Provides control even after the information has been downloaded from the system

Usage Control (View, Edit, Print, etc)

Transfers control to user after download

Provides usage control persistently within & outside the system
Policy changes

Reflects changes in policies while the information is within the system

Changes in policies can be made in real time and are also applicable to information that is outside the system

Audit trail

Provides audit trails for action taken on documents until the time of download

Can track all authorized and unauthorized attempts on information before and after download