Microsoft SharePoint and IRM SECURE FileSecure

Microsoft SharePoint and IRM SECURE FileSecure plugin for Micorsoft Sharepoint provides functionality and automatically protects IRM files whenever they are downloaded from Sharepoint. This further boosts the security feature of SharePoint. Users can create secure "hot folders" in order for content to seamlessly be protected. This ensures that documents remain protected and secured even outside of the Sharepoint system.

IRM Secure FileSecure's Information Rights Management (IRM) connector for SharePoint protects the information content after it has been downloaded through SharePoint and restricts usage to only specific users or groups (WHO). It can restrict information sharing to only specific computers and network IP addresses (WHERE), thus providing an additional layer of control when providing access to systems located outside the company. It can also restrict the usage (WHAT) like who can view and access it, print it, delete it or make any changes. Additionally, IRM Secure FileSecure can put time bound restrictions (WHEN) on information for example, the document can only be viewed “until the 19th of August, 2013” or “2 days”.

IRM Secure FileSecure's IRM connector for SharePoint also provides history and tracking of usage of the information once it leaves the SharePoint system. This protection helps companies to comply with regulatory and compliance frameworks like ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley & HIPPA.

SharePoint + IRM Secure FileSecure
Access Control
Can provide control while the information is within the system only
Can provide control even after the information is downloaded from the system
Usage Control (View, Edit, Print, etc)
Does not provide usage control
Can provide usage control persistently within & outside the system
Policy changes
Can reflect changes in policies while the information is within the system
Can reflect changes in policies while the information is outside the system, and do so in real time
Audit trail
Can provide audit trails for information before download
Can track all authorized and unauthorized attempts on information before and after download

MS SharePoint-IRM SECURE-download

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