IRM SECURE FileSecure for Lotus Notes

In today’s era, email is the lifeline of any organization. Emails have become one of the basic necessities for any organization big or small to function. Emails are not only used to quickly and rapidly communicate messages but also to send documents (as attachments) to users within the organization and vendors and customers outside the organization. Lotus Notes is one such client-server collaborative application that provides email infrastructure and social collaboration.

Many times there is confidential information not only in the attachment of the email but also the email content itself contains sensitive information. This email content, if fallen into the wrong hands, may result in loss of confidential data, revenue and at times loss of reputation too. Additionally, there is a genuine and universal need by an email sender to retract back emails/attachments sent to a receiver either intentionally or un-intentionally.

Traditionally, Lotus Notes and other email systems don't allow the sender of email to control the email and it’s attachment once it is sent to the recipient. Once the email is sent, the sender cannot control the reading, editing, forwarding, printing, etc., capabilities of the receiver on the email. Neither is there a sure-fire way of ensuring if the email was received and read by the receiver. Noticeably, all security features of Lotus Notes are effective only if the receiver uses Lotus Notes as the email client, which cannot be controlled even within the organization because of the heterogeneous email client utilities. In other words, security offered by Lotus Notes comes with severe restrictions and Lotus Notes protection is ineffective when emails are sent to outsiders.

IRM SECURE FileSecure integrated with IBM Lotus Notes provides Information Rights Management (IRM) capability to Lotus Notes email system. IRM SECURE’s Rights management component for Lotus Notes enables the email sender to control the actions of the receiver on the email. IRM SECURE FileSecure IRM component for Lotus Notes provides a 4 dimensional rights management control for Lotus Notes email client:

  • WHO the email sender can control and restrict read access to only specific users or groups.
  • WHAT specific actions like view, print, edit, copy content & forward can be controlled at the receiver side.
  • WHEN specific time of usage like “till 19th August 2009” or “2 days”
  • WHERE restrict the usage of emails to specific computers and network IP addresses thus providing an additional layer of control when providing access to systems outside of the enterprise.
  • The IRM controls are persistent with the email and are implemented irrespective of the email infrastructure at the receivers side (inside or outside of the organization). Additionally, the above IRM controls can be modified at any point in time in realtime even after the email has been sent to to the receiver. This makes it possible to retract or even remotely destroy email and its attachment. Thus, IRM SECURE FileSecure component for Lotus Notes provides rights management capability to Lotus Notes email system and enforces IRM security in Lotus Notes even after the email has been sent.

    One other important salient feature of IRM SECURE FileSecure’s IRM system is its audit trailing mechanism. IRM SECURE FileSecure can monitor and log all activities on the email and its attachment performed by the receiver. Authorized actions as well as unauthorized attempts can be tracked across enterprise boundaries. This helps enterprises to adhere to regulatory and compliance frameworks like ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, PCI, etc. More importantly, the Audit trail feature, serves as a tool for non-repudiation of data and forensics for future investigation.

    IRM SECURE FileSecure IRM connector for IBM Lotus Notes

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    Lotus Notes
    Lotus Notes + IRM SECURE FileSecure
    Access control
    Can provide limited control (view, print, only)
    Can provide granular control (view, edit, print, fwd, copy-paste, time and location restrictions etc)
    on email infrastructure
    For security controls to apply, sender and receiver have to both be on Lotus infrastructure (Lotus Domino & Lotus Notes)
    No dependency on the email server or client infrastructure either on the sender or the receiver side
    Usage control changes
    Cannot change controls after the email is sent out
    Controls can be changed even after the email is sent out in real time, anytime, anywhere
    Doesn't provide robust mechanism for email delivery, read receipt, forwarding, etc
    Complete tracking of receviers usage (view, print, fwd, etc) as well as email delivery, read receipt is robustly provided

    In short, the IRM SECURE FileSecure Rights Management component for IBM Lotus Notes enables the email sender to robustly secure and dictate the actions of the receiver on the email irrespective of the receivers location and email infrastructure.