Enterprises today outsource voluminous processes, (e.g. statement printing, scanning and data entry, payroll management, among others). This also increases the risk of personally identifiable data moving out of control. Sometimes there is nothing more than a confidentiality agreement or an insurance policy to protect data. Data leakages cost the company more in terms of reputation loss, than financial loss. Encrypting data during transit solves part of the problem, but it does not protect data through the entire life cycle, e.g. at the end of its legitimate use at the outsourced vendor.

IRM Secure InfoSource eliminates risks of having digital data privy to unintended recipients. It enables full control of all data being outsourced, and ensures that the data is used only for the purpose it is outsourced and not otherwise, thereby extending the scope of Enterprise DRM beyond Documents. This also facilitates mitigation of the risk from information breaches whilst enhancing collaboration with outsourced vendors.

Key Benefits Of IRM Secure InfoSource:

  • Apply data protection for usage in any application or any data format
  • Reduce information security costs
  • Enable controlling data usage at vendor’s premises
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance with full audit of data usage by outsourcing vendors
  • Eliminate the need for human intervention for outsourced data processing