General Overview

In business two things hold true.

  1. Every company wants to make profits
  2. Every company wants to protect their private, and confidential data.

Well IRM Secure does both. It can protect what is yours, which in turn will make you a profit.

IRM Secure is a company that prides itself on secure file sharing technology. We provide state-of-the-art, cutting edge information security solutions in the area of information usage control, information rights management and secure outsourcing.

IRM Secure is an Information Rights Management (IRM) company helping to lower and in some cases eliminate the risk of sending out private, sensitive, or highly confidential information through the web. IRM Secure Information Rights Management Solutions provide persistent end-to-end information protection for secure outsourcing and document usage control. The secret to our success lies in the fact that we can protect any file (regardless of the size, type of document, report, email, image or drawing) sent through the internet.

HOW DO IT WORK: Our state-of-the-art solution gives 100% control and confidence to the sender of the data. It does this by allowing the sender to add restrictions to what the recipient can do with the file, and how long the recipient can see this data. For example, the sender can allow the recipient to only access the data between certain times of the day, such as 10am to 12pm. Also, the recipient cannot copy, print, forward, edit, screen shot, download, or save the received data, without the sender’s permission, if they attempt to violate their given rights the file will immediately be deleted from the recipient’s computer, and can never be accessed again unless you once again invoke the opportunity. In addition, the sender is informed by email of what the recipient tried to do.