Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Companies

Information protection is a grave challenge for an enterprise. DLP Companies need to apprise their customers with new technologies that would enable them protect an enterprise. The main aim is to prevent unauthorized disclosure, destruction or theft of information, whether internally or external vendors; intentionally or otherwise. Enterprises today are looking at a single stop for security policy formation, user awareness and technology enablement needs. An appropriate technology that can protect data in any state – while in use, at rest or in transit, is imperative to good governance of IT security policies in an enterprise. It further builds trust and confidence in a customer.

IRM Secure enables DLP Companies to provide the answer to address security related requirements. It further reduces the lag between recommendation, acceptance and implementation.

If you are an Information DLP Companies providing consulting services to enterprises in building and implementing security best practices, then IRM Secure’s partner program is apt for you.

Benefits of enrolling with IRM Secure’s Partnership Program

  • Be amongst the first to recommend solutions for information security risks of tomorrow to your customers today
  • Expand your bouquet of offerings and making a key differentiator when compared to other security consulting companies, by providing consulting and technology enablement services.
  • Revenue sharing for sales and service to new accounts as well as existing customers
  • Multiple pricing models to suit different budgetary requirements of the customer
  • Access to IRM Secure’s development team for Solutions consulting, Technical and Implementation support for end-to-end project delivery.
  • Align your recommendations to regulatory and compliance norms (like ISO 27000, SOX, BASEL II, HIPPA, etc.) through our audit tracking system
  • Marketing and pre-sales support.

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