Additional Components

Hot Folder Server

Hot Folders are folders, which have some predefined usage rights (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE) defined onto them. IRM Secure FileSecure Hot Folder plugging automatically secures and protects a variety of file formats as soon as they are dropped into the Hot Folder. The files automatically get protected with the usage rights Nested hot sub folders can also be created and configured to inherit the usage rights of the parent folder.

IRM Secure FileSecure for Open Office

With collaboration and information exchange being a must have for doing business, it is essential for confidential information to be protected and under control always. When information is exchanged between users, it is important to realize that there is absolutely no uniformity in the software and applications that are being used. This factor becomes more prominent when information is exchanged between organizations. For example, the sender might use MS-Office to edit a document, whereas the receiver would use Open Office to view, edit and print the same document. In such cases, the ability to protect information irrespective of the underlying application becomes a critical factor.

IRM Secure FileSecure plugin for Open Office enables protection of MS-Office file formats even when using Open Office as the native application. Open Office plugin also supports all Open Office files formats (.odt, .ods, etc). Hence, it provides protection to MS-Word and Open Office formats irrespective of the native application that is used to protect it (at the sender’s side) and render it (at the receiver’s side).

IRM Secure FileSecure for AutoCAD

Today, engineering and manufacturing companies constantly exchange intellectual property (IP) in the form of AutoCAD design documents. These designs are exchanged not only between different collaborating groups within the organization, but also with outsiders like sub-contractors and vendors. Due to the global nature of business, the threat of these design drawings getting leaked to competitors has been constantly increasing over time.

IRM Secure FileSecure persistently protects AutoCAD design drawings in its native AutoCAD application. This ensures that there is no change in user experience. The design drawings can be controlled granularly for usage actions such as view, edit, print, etc. Designs can also be controlled based on time and remotely destroyed at the end of the collaboration activity.

IRM Secure FileSecure for Lotus Notes

In today’s era, email is the most widely used medium to collaborate information with people inside and out side the organization. The volumes of data exchanged through emails has surpassed any other medium of communication and with the introduction of email access through devices like smart phones and tablet devices, email will continue to be the most dominant medium of communication. Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino by IBM is one of the world’s leading client-server collaborative applications that provides email infrastructure and social collaboration. Because of the collaborative nature of business, information sent over email has started becoming sensitive and confidential. This information if fallen into the wrong hands, either intentionally or unintentionally could result in a lot of loss to the organization and to self. Thus, it is important to have a well-built security system to protect email information from falling into the wrong hands.

IRM Secure FileSecure’s Rights Management connector for Lotus Notes provides the ability to not only securely protect and transmit emails but also control the usage actions of the receiver. The receivers individual actions like viewing, editing, printing, forwarding can be granularly controlled on a per email per user basis. The connector works in any environment irrespective of the receivers email infrastructure and location (inside or outside the organization).