The Company:

IRM Secure is a security software company providing information security solutions in the areas of information usage control, information rights management (IRM) and secure outsourcing.

IRM Secure is an Enterprise Information Rights Management (IRM) company providing risk mitigation from information leakages whilst enhancing collaboration and data security. IRM Secure's Information Security Management Solutions provide persistent end-to-end information protection for secure outsourcing and document usage control. The expertise lies in protection of data post distribution irrespective of its location and mode of transfer.

The Products:

IRM Secure’s products, IRM Secure FileSecure and IRM Secure InfoSource, help mitigate the risk arising out of information breaches and regulatory non-compliance whilst enhancing collaboration. This is done by providing ubiquitous technology for information control within and outside of the enterprise, which seamlessly works with existing infrastructure. It is easy to deploy and use, and comes with pay-as-you-use pricing.

IRM Secure FileSecure allows owners of documents to control usage of documents, before and even long after the documents have been circulated. This means that documents shared with internal and external parties can be "remote controlled". Also, at the end of the process, it is possible to revoke the usage rights to the document, so that the document can thereafter no longer be opened by the receiving party.

Documents can also be programmed for self-destruction based on time! Hence, documents shared can be controlled for ‘who has access to the documents’, ‘what’ he/she can do with the documents (view, edit, print, forward), ‘when’ he/she can use them and ‘where’ (in the office, at home) can they use them. A complete audit trail of the document flow and its usage is maintained centrally in line with the recommendations of ISO 27001 or SOX 404.

IRM Secure InfoSource eliminates risks of having digital data privy to unintended recipients. It enables full control of all data being outsourced, and ensures that the data is used only for the purpose it is outsourced for and not otherwise, thereby extending the scope of enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) beyond documents.

IRM Secure InfoSource enables organizations to outsource with confidence. This means that confidential information, which enterprises share with process outsourcing vendors for the purpose of data entry, statement/bill printing, support, etc., can be secured against leakage and misuse. It allows companies to control usage of information to trusted computers, trusted users, trusted applications, specific time period and specific number of use (once/twice). It allows enterprises to control and restrict the usage of the data, which is shared for a specific purpose and also allows for self-destruction of the information after its legitimate use.

The Customers:

Some of the largest financial, engineering, educational institutions and product companies use IRM Secure's technology to secure data that is used internally or provided to a vendor for outsourced processes.

The Purpose:

To enable enterprises to secure information and outsource with confidence.

The Dream:

Dreams are the pre-cursors to success. At IRM Secure, dreams fulfill a purpose to change destiny. While we focus on our customers in the end business, we keep in mind our stakeholders and the dreams they have to ease the future. Our dreams are listed as Number 1, as their focus is of prime position.

  1. The Wealth Creator Dream:

    “Shareholders are the last claimants to a company’s money, i.e. they are paid after all employees, vendors, creditors, etc. have been paid.” The purpose of any enterprise is to create shareholder value. The dream of IRM Secure is to create a non-linear stakeholder value, i.e., value that goes far beyond the expectations of monetary and social returns that stakeholders in IRM Secure expect.

  2. The Technology Dream:

    IRM Secure’s technology allows for information to be protected from misuse. The dream of this technology is to make it ubiquitous i.e. to ensure that every computer and every piece of confidential information is protected using IRM Secure’s technology; that IRM Secure’s technology pervades geographies, industries and technologies.

  3. The Privacy and Piracy Dream:

    We dream of a world where privacy and piracy are where they are meant to be, i.e., privacy – IN, piracy – OUT. We dream of a world where collaboration is not restricted for want of security. Where “mistakes” made by people in sharing information can be easily corrected; where information is treated like money, i.e., if you give it to someone you can call for it back; and where information, if it has to be paid for, is actually paid for.

  4. The People Dream:

    The purpose of life is to enhance the quality of life itself and what better way to do that than to enhance the quality of life of the living beings. It is our dream at IRM Secure to positively affect the lives of all the people around it - employees, customers, partners, shareholders and therefore, to serve its own purpose.

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